Saturday, 22 September 2012

2.5 Crazy, Awesome Weeks

Now that it's Saturday I am so excited to be back and posting on my blog! Well I just wanted to say that I have had a totally and completely awesome first couple weeks of school and am so happy and enjoying life right now, :) The weeks are hectic, no doubt, and sometimes stressful, but mostly I'm lovin' it.

The most exciting thing about last week was our first field hockey game of the season.  We won 2-0 and I got to play two different positions-- Right Wing (forward attack) and Left Mid.  It was such a fun experience and our team is really good for having not played together before (I say with a hint of brag in my voice).  Playing field hockey makes me forget how much i LOVE, genuinely enjoy, playing it. It's not like that for a lot of things. I mean, I enjoy ballet, I enjoy tennis, but not in the same way as I adore field hockey.

Besides field hockey, my life is good. I'll be 13 a week from Tuesday, which I'm pretty dang excited about XD. I'm really hoping I'll get a cell phone but that's kind of a long shot, you know? I have a lot of homework every night, but surprisingly I don't really mind, it makes me feel very productive and accomplished.  In English I mostly get A's, in math I mostly get B's and C's, so what? Im enjoying myself so thats just everything that matters. I'm also making a lot of new friends, drifting back and forth between the "popular" group and the "non popular" group (yes, I hate these rankings but sady when you're in 7th grade that is how it is).

The only thing I'm feeling a bit down about is the amount of reading I'm fitting in, which is book every two weeks? I feel bad and totally disconnected from the world of books. Sadly, I was very proud of myself when i finished a book during the week this week. Also, my blog. As I've said in my post policy i'll post on weekends but that never seems like enough.  Nonetheless I'm looking for some feedback on my blog:
- Do you think I should post more often? Less often?
- Do you think my posts are too mixed up and scrambed? Should I keep my blog to one subject, not many different ones?
- Do you like the layout of my blog?
- What kind of posts interest you about my blog and why?
- What should I post more about? Less about?
Please please PLEASe give me your opinions, I will definitely not be offended if you hate something about what I wrote, I am just lookin for feedback and what I can do to make my blog better.

Now to my followers! I freaking love you guys. I don't think I wouldve keept up with this blog if it weren't for you. Although I have nearly 50 followers I really want to give a shout-out to 3 of my most common commenters (LOL):

- Grace from The Humble Watermelon (always makes my day with her sweet comments)
- Delaney from Random Ranting (makes me laugh both on and off her blog)
- Erika from Living For The Books (she was my first-ever follower!)

Now I'm not gonna bore all of you with mushy useless "thank you so much" comments, but I do want to say thank you to ALL of you, especially those I listed above. You guys rock!


  1. Awww thanks Annie and happy early birthday!

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Annie! And I'm glad you're enjoying school and field hockey! I think you should just post as you please, and don't worry about missing a week or so, everybody understands how busy and hectic school and other activities can be. And I like the different subjects in your blog, just keep on doing your thing, because your judgment matters the most!

    And like you, I haven't been able to read much, but I'm thankful for the weekend because I get a little time to catch up on everything from blogging and reading!

    -Grace :)

  3. Dwwaaaa thanks, Annie! I love your blog too!!!! I really love your little daily life like these ones because i get to know you so much better. And, yeah, seventh grade is definitely like that. Good thing I'm sticking with the band geeks! XD I'm glad everything is working out for you and you're enjoying so much of school. Yes, reading does take way too much, but, you're still blogging! :) And have no worries you aren't blogging as frequently, it takes a while to adjust on things.

    Have a wonderful week and have fun with seventh grade, hockey, and little of reading.


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