Saturday, 22 December 2012

SS#7: Boys Who Read

Introducing the Saturday Scoop:
The Saturday Scoop is a weekly post hosted here on Girl of the Books.  Each week, I pick a new topic to write about and just rant and rave about that particular topic. Enjoy. :)

This Week's Topic: Boys Who Read

Boys Who Read. To me, at least, it's becoming less and less of a true statement, at least at my school. At my old school, there were guys everywhere with their noses stuck in some sort of book. But this year I've realized that my old school was quite different, more on the quirky side, while at my new school, all the boys do is text and...text. It makes me sad.  The girls, too, don't read often either. It seems like I am the only one in a grade of nearly 60 students that appreciates a good book.

So I kind of borrowed this off of Book Adoration, (I hope that's ok), but it was too beautiful and awesome to not share with you guys. ^^ If posting this isn't ok with Lottie then I will take it down.

I mean, how amazing is that?

That made me realize that boys who read are valuable.  I will always date a guy who reads, will definitely MARRY a guy who reads.  I've realized that guys who read have this really sweet, valuable sense to them that guys who don't read just don't have (in the same way). I'm not trying to be mean to guys who don't read, I'm just saying that guys who read are incredibly special.

I hope you take this message to heart and see what I am saying. :)

Happy Saturday and Merry Early Christmas!


  1. Amazing post! I have also noticed that kids in my school don't read much. Instead of reading they walk up to me and say I read to much.
    Oh, and thank you for sharing that story with more people :) I think it is beautiful!
    Now if only there was a boy like that visiting my library...

    1. I know right! I just wanna find a boy who reads... and not some nerdy geek, either. Just a regular boy who reads :)

    2. Well, I just need to keep searching whenever I go to the library or bookstore. The closest thing I got to finding a guy who reads was this old guy in the young adult section...

    3. Haha! I don't think I've ever even seen a teenage boy in the bookstore who looked remotely interested in the books. :)

  2. Same! No one muchly reads at my school except for my nerdy of friends that I have and I feel sad that not a lot of average teens read and they only care about how they look, their crushes, what people think of them, that reading is boring. "If you think reading is boring, then you are doing it wrong". XD

    I love that little passage. I've read on Lottie's blog and it's so sweet and adorable. ^^

    1. I don't think my friends even read! Well, maybe some of the nerdier ones ^^ but so far I have only seen one other person holding a book at my school. Sad. :(

  3. I have a group of friends that all read (or try to when they have time). Not everyone at my school reads but a good amount of my friends do. Just last year in study hall I was reading and then I started talking about how this book was coming out and being a complete fangirl. My guy friend next to me actually listened (I hadn't actually expected him to since I didn't think he read and he had no idea what I was talking about) and then the next day he brought a book to read and started to read in front of a couple of his friends. It made me smile because it wasn't a school book and it was totally unexpected.

    1. You're so lucky! I wish there were girls and guys like that at my school. :(


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