Saturday, 23 March 2013

Springtime Updates! + Some Chitchatting.

Spring is finally here!

In my opinion, the true start of spring is when spring break begins. And as of yesterday, I am on spring break! *sigh of relief, happiness, and pleasure* Even though it is freezing outside (which is not exactly typical of where I live) and it was snowing the other day (guess what...the snow melted), I feel as if spring has begun truly. I'm just waiting for the lilac tree to come, and then it'll really be spring.

As much as I love to talk about spring, though, this isn't really the point of my post. The point of this post is to yes, talk a little about the pleasures and wonders of springtime (which I will get to later) but also to talk about my blog as the spring months unfold. How often will I post, etc., etc. 

I'll cover the boring stuff first, so that I can save the fun stuff for last. As you might have noticed, I have been extremely busy this month and so far have only been able to fit in 9 posts counting this one. Now I am not proud of this but schoolwork always comes first and after that, sports, and after that my friends. Then books. Then my blog. So you could say that my blog is not exactly my top priority right now, but I still obviously care about it and I am doing the best that I can to keep up with everything. I wouldn't want to abandon my blog, EVER, so I'm not about to make some announcement to say that I'm going on a blogging break. No just NO. 

But I do want to say that my post policy still remains undecided and ambiguous, as I am not really sure what my plans are going to be for the rest of the spring. During the next week, I will probably be doing more posting seeing as it is my spring break, but for the rest of the spring, I am not so sure. What with two-hour tennis practices after school until five o'clock, forty-five minutes to get home from school, eating dinner and showering taking another forty five minutes, and then an hour or two of homework, my week schedule is very very hectic. Weekends are more free but the weekends are short and only 2 days long, and besides I do not like to post multiple times in one day as it seems redundant and people don't really get the chance to read both of your posts. (I know that I will be posting a review of Angelfire later today but this isn't really an official post.) 

Okay, enough of the boring stuff! Now for the FUN stuff. 

What does spring mean to me? Well, if I closed my eyes right now and envisioned the word SPRING, it means flip flops again and tennis courts and lilac trees! I know those 3 things are extremely random but they are all a big part of my life! Who could live without flip flops?!? I certainly could not ;) Tennis is a big part of my life obviously since I have been playing since I was really little, and I spend almost every day on the tennis court. And there is a big lilac tree in my backyard that just has the prettiest petals that I have ever seen. 

Hopefully, my dog (who just turned 1) will be able to be set loose without a leash so that he can run around in the warm weather (which has yet to come). My other dog, who is 11, is happy to just bask in the sun :)

Anyhow, I hope you have a lovely spring and I hope I can keep up with my blog through the crazy crazy days. :)


  1. So lucky for people where I do not live! I would love a spring break right now! But, sadly, it's one month early. TT___TT I am glad you will posting more because you will have more time...right?

    Happy Spring!!!! <3

    1. Oh that sucks!! I'm sure when you're on spring break, I'll be dying for a break. :P
      Yep, I'll probably be posting more often in the next week or so :) Really excited.

  2. Happy Spring Annie! I've just started Spring Break and I'm trying to squish some time in for some new posts. And Spring for me stands for: Waiting for the snow to melt, too warm for a winter coat but too cold for a spring one, and a lot of slush! But anywho, I still love it!

    Can't wait for your next post!

    -Grace :)

    1. Agreed about it being too warm for a winter coat but too cold for a spring one! The days have just been unbelievably cold down here. Usually at this time of year there is some sun, but it still feels like Winter O_O

      Thanks for commenting ! :)


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