Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Crazy, Random, Rambling Post #1

Hi everyone! Sooo, thus begins the Crazy, Random, Rambling Post #1. Lol, not really... but kinda!.So in the past few weeks, I have gone from loving books to being OBSESSED with them. I sleep, eat, and breathe books. Now that I've found some bookish friends at school, I can share the love ;) Soo anyway. To the point of this post. I used to post a lot of random things--like things about school, my life, etc. I've decided to start that up again, because I forgot how much I enjoyed doing them. The posts can be kind of rambling and hard to follow, but I enjoy writing them, and blogging is all about enjoyment, so that's the way I'm going to roll from here on out!

So, updates in my life. I MADE THE TENNIS TEAM! *happy dance* and I'm sosososo excited for my first match which is in a few weeks. I have been really busy the past couple weeks with tennis, school (Gosh, do they give a lot of homework!) and just focusing on reading and blogging and trying to have a good social life (I do). Sometimes all of this is stressful, but I am enjoying life right now. Oh, and I've also discovered a true addiction that I have--Tumblr. I have become soooo addicted to this website, like I cannot even tell you O_O. I've only been on it for like a week and a half, but I'm constantly reblogging posts and being my obsessive self. Here is the link to my Tumblr!!! If you have a Tumblr, I hope you'll check it out/ follow me? *hint hint hint hint*

Anyway... I got my report card the other day and I did pretty well, considering the fact that I am in a new school this year and there have been a lot of changes for me. And I'm doing 3 seasons of sports, so  yeah. During PE class, I play volleyball with my friends, and I must say, I enjoy it! Even though I don't formally play volleyball or anything. Same goes for soccer--I played soccer in 4th grade, and I kind of sucked, so I quit and took up field hockey. And while I'm still not very good at soccer, I like playing it, even if my friends kick my ass at it. ;P
So as you might now if you know me, my siblings are all older than me and my sister has been across the world for this year. Well she has just announced that she is moving back to the US next year!! I am SO happy, because having her across the world was a bit of a stretch (even though we saw her at Christmas, and stuff). Also, my brother got into college (well...that happened a while ago, but still)... I'm happy for him. But sometimes I feel like I'm left behind, because I'm still in freaking middle school!! :P

Okay, So. List of things that I want to accomplish before the school year ends. (I know, I know, I've got plenty of time, but stil!!!)

  • This trimester I want to get ALL A's. Not just 2 or 3, but 5. 
  • I want to be at least 4th court on the tennis team. 
  • I want to try to be nicer to people and stop making random snarky comments which I have gotten into the unpleasant habit of doing
  • I want to quit cracking my knuckles, biting/picking my nails
  • I want to pay attention to my blogs (PLURAL!!! 'Cause now I have a tumblr!! hehehee)
  • I want to get to know more people at school. Even though I already talk alot even to people I hardly know.
  • Speaking of which, I need to stop talking so much. At the beginning of the year, I was so quiet that I barely said anything. Now I'm the class chatterbox. Noone can get me to shut up. 
  • I want to stop being so boy-obsessed. O_O That is a real big one, and I've heard it gets worse as you progress through your teen years. And I'm only 13 and completely and utterly obsessed. Not just with fictional boys, but with real ones too. 
  • I want to try and be a better friend.
  • I want to go outside more often. Enjoy Earth :3
Some of those things might be kind of unrealistic (namely, the boy-crazy part and the quitting of bad habits, and the not talking so much) but hey, a girl can try, right?!?

Anyways, Have a great day!!! :)


  1. Hahahaha it's so nice to see another teenage book blogger out there! It always seems like the adults have a monopoly on the field, ya know? Anyway, I totally understand- especially the boy crazy and chatterbox part:)) If you're interested, here's my My Book Blog. A followback would be much appreciated!! ;)

    1. I love to see other teenage bloggers too ;P I checked out your blog, and I love it! (I also followed.)

      -Annabel :)

  2. I've been told that Tumblr is very addicting which is why I don't have one. I want one but then I keep telling myself that I don't want to end up on Tumblr all day and avoid the real world. Congrats on making the tennis team!

    1. Thanks! I have to guiltily admit that Tumblr is super addicting and I have spent many hours on it, but it hasn't taken away my whole day (yet...O_o). You should get one though ^^

  3. I used to have a Tumblr blog but my stupid self got confused on how to use it so stopped. Then I forgot the password. Stupid Charlotte is stupid :P
    Congratulations on getting on the tennis team! I love playing tennis with my family (even though we are normally trying to chase the ball down since we keep hitting it over the fence).
    I have a friend who goes completely cray-cray over boys. She also happens to be a boy magnet. Makes me jealous :P
    I also need to work on not talking so much. I couldn't shut up if it depended on my life.

    1. I think that's actually what happened to me a while ago, but I got a whole new tumblr account :)
      Thanks! Tennis is really fun (it's even fun when you hit it over the fence!!)
      I wouldn't call myself a boy magnet, but I am definitely flirtatious ^^
      Yeah, I talk waaaaayyyy too much. :P

  4. *congratulate claps* YAY YOU MADE THE TENNIS TEAM!!! I knew you could do it! And I'm happy you achieved it. ^^ And I have one sibling that is older than me and she's a sophomore but it's two more years and I won't see her unless she goes to colleges around where we live. I'll miss her when that time comes. TT____TT And I hope your new sets of goals will be accomplished!

    Of course, a girl can always dream. ;D

    1. Thanks!!!!!
      yeah, i've missed my sister alot. Just so happy she'll be back in the states next year :)

      True dat :)


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