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Clockwork Princess, Angel, Prince... and other things.

*Edit of previous post!*
My new copy of Clockwork Princess has arrived. Magically, it came in the mail just a day after I pre-ordered it on Amazon. Isn't that just wonderful? I now know what happens to Jem, Will, and Tessa, and all of my questions have been answered by Cassandra Clare.  A wonderful book, really.  Will ends up with Tessa. Jem lives.  But they all live happily ever after. Oh, and Tessa becomes a Shadowhunter. :)

My Rating of this Series: 5 out of 5 stars
Who Recommended it to me: My Goodreads buddies
Who I Would Recommend it To: anyone and everyone.

So I've fooled you haven't I? Probably not, but I can dream about it, right? I can wish that it were March 19, 2013 and my brand-new copy of Clockwork Princess has just arrived fresh in the mail.  I can wish that the paragraph above were printed on the jacket of the book.  I can wish. 
       I loved Clockwork Prince. If there was one word for this book it would be heartbreaking.  I love Will and am totally Team Will but there was something I couldn't help but like about Jem now flipping through the pages of the book.  Jem is so sweet to Tessa in a way that Will is not.  But for some reason Will's personality seems right for Tessa even though Jem struggles with his sickness to the point where he doesn't think he will live.  I think Jem will end up living but Will will end up with Tessa. I both hope so and think so. 
     I posted an earlier review of Clockwork Prince that seemed 
very anti-Jem and let me tell you, I just love Will so much that I can't think of anything but him, but let me tell you I don't                      HATE Jem. I actually like him quite a lot.  He has this manner that I really like about him and maybe he would be better for Tessa in the long run but I just love Will and think that he's perfect for Tessa. There's rarely a time when I get so caught up in which character a girl in a YA novel will end up with, you'll know that from reading my reviews. For example, The Hunger Games. One of my favorite books.  Couldn't care LESS about who Katniss ended up with.  I understand why she ended up with Peeta.  But I didn't care about it.  In this one, I really care.  I want Tessa to end up with Will sooo badly, but also I can sigh and deal with it if Jem ends up with Tessa because he really is a great guy.  There were actually times in Clockwork Prince where I really loved Jem almost as much as I loved Will. Of course, it ended up with me feeling positively heartbroken for Will so I have to say that I am hard-core Team Will.  I loved the way that Jem was so secretive about his feelings, so mysterious, whereas Will showed everything he was thinking all over his face and everyone knew what he thought (most of the time).  
   Okay, now I'm going to comment on the cover of Clockwork Princess.  As you have probably noticed, I can't resist a pretty book cover.  I especially can't resist a pretty book cover with awesomeness in its pages.  So that's why I was literally jumping up and down when I saw the cover of this book.  I mean, take a look at it for a second. It is gorgeous. 
   Let me mention to you that I finished the existing Infernal Devices books in a matter of 72 hours.  I finished Clockwork Prince in less than 24 hours.  These books are amazing! Positively amazing.  I don't know why I didn't read them earlier.  Let me ALSO mention to you that if you have not read these books, you are missing out on a wonderful life opportunity that may never meet you again.  
   So go out and buy the whole series because you won't want to stop reading.  Buying Clockwork Angel alone was a huge mistake.  Within hours I was saying to random people, "This book is amazing! I need the sequel!" even after I was only 100 pages into it.  
   Well these books are amazing.  I enjoyed them so much that I suggest that everyone in the entire world should read them. 


  1. In 8 months I'll be I never thought of it that way. I started this series when I was 13 and I'll be finishing it when I'm 16?

    I want Will and Tessa to end up together so badly but I really doubt it will happen. Have you read the teasers?

  2. No! There are teasers? I NEED TO READ THEM!!!

    Yeah it's weird 8 months seem so far away but then when you think about it it's not even that far away, which is super weird! :) I realllllyyy hope Tessa and Will end up together

  3. So I just went to a website where there were teasers and can't believe some of them!!!! I need the book NOW!!!!!

    1. Some of them made me start crying! I really need to stop reading them because now that wait feels so much longer even if the book is only 8 months away.

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