Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #5

It's been much too long since I've done a Top Ten Tuesday, isn't it? I haven't had much time for memes lately, but when saw the topic of this week's TTT, I just had to do it! 
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This Week's Topic: Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)

1. Europe
Why: I love Europe ♥, and I think it's the most beautiful place in the entire world. Therefore, I'd like to see more books with a European setting, whether they are in England, France, Spain, Italy... you name it.

2. Castles
Why: I love stories about royal families, or princesses, or queens, and handsome princes looking for true love. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I just love that type of story. I'd definitely like to see more princess stories. Which are usually set in castles. So, castles. :P

3. The beach
Why: Who doesn't love the beach?

4. Autumn
Why: Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves are beautiful, the air is cool and fresh, it's my birthday season (!), and the excitement of a new year lies ahead. There are a lot of books in the summer, a lot of books in the winter, but there aren't nearly enough in the autumn.

5. England
Why: I know there are already tons of books set in England, but England is the best place ever, so why not write more? As a plus, there should be guys with British accents in the book *faints*

6. Delaware
Why: My home state. OK, yeah, there's really nothing interesting about Delaware. But it IS the state I come from, and live in, and even though it's the most boring place on earth, I have never read a book set in Delaware. To be honest, I would like to read one. Even if it were the most boring book on earth, it would be quite fitting, seeing as Delaware is the most boring place on earth. ;)

7. the Victorian era
Why: I have read a lot of books set in the Victorian era, but I would honestly just love to read more because every book I read featuring this era, I just LOVE! Gemma Doyle, The Friday Society, The Luxe ... Oh, they're all so good!

8. the Middle East
Why: I know that there is a lot of turmoil going on over there, but I can say that this place is not as gruesome as it as made out to be. Sure, there are a lot of awful things going on over there, but people assume that everyone Middle Eastern is bad, or that everything over in the Middle East is a wreck. I for one can tell you that this isn't true. I have been over there, and it is very soothing, the Muslim culture beautiful.  I would like to read more books about Middle Eastern culture, not just about war.

9. France
Why: I love France. I love French--it's beautiful sound coming off of peoples' tongues, its beauty, its stylishness.

10. the Eighteenth Century
Why: After studying this century closely in history class, I'm really interested in it and the making of our country. I'd like to read more books focused on this time period.

Send me links to your TTT, and I'll definitely comment on them!! :)

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