Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Clockwork Princess Teasers!!

If you're a Cassandra Clare fan then you definitely know that everyone's going crazy for the upcoming novel--Clockwork Princess-- to be released March 19, 2013! I know I'm very excited about it! I don't know if this really matters or not, but if you haven't read the first two books, you might not want to read the teasers just because there might be some minor spoilers in them.

I've decided to feature a few teasers every couple of weeks from this book until it comes out.  I might be a little unpredictable because I have no idea when I'm going to have time to post once school starts, but I'm going to try and post them as much as I can! I found these teasers from TMI Source so if you're interested in hearing more, stay tuned to my blog or check out this website! If you have a Goodreads account you can also check out some of the discussions about teasers on there. Sooo... I'll stop blabbering away and get to the part you all want to hear--the teasers.

Today I'm going to feature four of them, analyze them, and them leave your comments! thank you for reading them.

Teaser #1: Jem knotted his fingers in the material of Will’s sleeve. “You are my parabatai,” he said. “You said once I could ask anything of you.”
Analysis: This seems to mean that Will and Jem are struggling somehow with their friendship. And I have a feeling it's about Tessa, one way or the other.  Maybe Tessa decides that she is fit for Will, not Jem, and decides to break off her engagement, which starts drama between the parabatai? 

Teaser #2: And the gold of her ruined wedding dress.
Analysis: Someone, or something, has gotten in the way of Jem's and Tessa's marriage. Obviously, someone's wedding dress is ruined, and we're almost sure it's Tessa's, but how can we be sure? Something happens in a wedding of someone (probably Tessa and Jem) and causes this to happen. 

Teaser #3: Tessa put a hand against the wall as she made her way numbly down the stairs. What had she almost done? What had she nearly told Will? 
Analysis: For me, this means that she's nearly told Will something that she would never forgive herself for, or something extremely dangerous that could get her in trouble later. 

Teaser #4: “You are not really dying,” Will said, the oddest tone to his voice, “are you?”
Analysis: To me this means that Jem is well and probably not going to die.  But it also means that Jem might have told a big lie sometime in the first books. 

Reading these teasers makes me want the book even more, doesn't it you? I know I'm really excited for the book to come out and even more excited to find out what happens to Will, Tessa, and Jem! Happy reading :)



  1. I've read the Mortal Instruments, and I've heard about the Infernal Devices. They seem worth reading, and I think I'll give them a try :)

    -Grace :)

    1. Oooh you have to!! They are the best series EVER!


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