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London 2012 Olympics In Full Swing

So I've decided to do something a bit different from my usual posts (book reviews, general thoughts) and post something completely unrelated to what I made this blog for.  Hope you guys don't mind ;)

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that the 2012 London Summer Olympics are taking place right this moment.  Let me tell you that I've been to London many times. It's my favorite place in the entire world, and that is saying a lot for me, because I have a lot of favorite places.  London is obviously known for its beauty and sophistication.  I love everything about London--the shops, the "tubes" (subways), the way it rains nearly every day, Wimbledon in June (tennis tournament), and currently, the Olympics.   Every day I watch them--I just can't seem to get enough of the gymnastics and the swimming and the beach volleyball.  What is the deal with this?  I only care about these three sports once every 4 years! After the Olympics are over I really could care less what's happening in the world of gymnastics.  But then when the Olympics pop up 4 years later everything about the sports matters. Why is that?

Next subject. I'm sure you've heard of the women's badminton scandal by now.  My family had a lengthy debate last night at dinner whether or not their choice was ethical and whether or not they should have been disqualified.  In case you're lost on me, let me explain.  South Korea was playing against China in women's badminton.  They were, both of them, purposely trying to LOSE the game in order to not play the other Chinese team which would mean that they would not qualify, should they lose to the better Chinese team.  Therefore, they were disqualified from the Games. It was basically, as people described, "the worst badminton that they had ever seen".  How bad is bad, do you ask? Well, watch the video for yourself on Youtube. It's pretty dang bad.  Sneak peak of the video (since I'm not very tech savvy, I can't figure out how to put an actual video in this post):

Was their decision ethical? Did they do the right thing? Was it  pure manipulation? Or was it just, well, being crafty with their game plan?  I've heard a lot of different opinions on this one. My dad's argument was that yes, it was perfectly fine for them to do.  When my mom disagreed, he responded, "Okay, let me give you an example.  When Michael Phelps didn't give everything he had on a more unimportant race to save his energy on the important race, was this ethical?" Everyone agreed, that, sure, it was fine for him to save his energy.  "But it's completely different," said the opposing side.  "How so?" responded my dad.  This debate went on to be a complete roller coaster ride.  It seemed it was the boys against the girls.  The girls (my sister, my mom, and I) think that this was unethical.  My dad and brother think it was ethical.  Finally my dad said, "Let's ask Jon Stewart. I'm sure he'll have something to say about this whole situation." As it turns out, Jon Stewart didn't have anything to say about the badminton but a lot to say about NBC and the way they sort of alert you on Olympic spoilers, but, um, sort of don't. 

If you're interested to hear more on the NBC spoilers, click on the link:

Enough about Olympic complaints.  The games are great! They're basically the highlight of the summer.  Luckily we have excellent coverage more than 12 hours a day.  A couple things that us Americans can celebrate:

 Missy Franklin won a gold medal for swimming, breaking the world record for the 200-meter backstroke in 2 minutes, 4.06 seconds.  It was 0.75 quicker than Kirsty Coventry in 2009.  As for the silver and bronze metals, Anastasia Zueva of Russia won the silver medal while fellow American Elizabeth Biesel won the bronze.

Gabrielle Douglas won a gold medal in gymnastics over Russians Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina.  Sadly, her American teammate did not medal but Americans can be content with the fact that Gabby won the gold! :)

Us Americans are on a roll in London this year.  We have beaten China in terms of numbers of medals. And of course don't forget that only this year Michael Phelps has become the most decorated Olympian of all time!

I also know that tennis fans (like me) are anticipating the final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer, now Wimbledon rivals.  Andy Murray of Scotland probably had the Wimbledon of his life in June and July of 2012.  He eventually lost in the finals to Roger Federer, who is probably the best tennis player of all time.  Even though neither of these men are American, I'm completely torn on who I want to win.  I'm a Fed fan all the way, but he's won so many gold medals in the past I think Murray deserves to win this time.

Roger Federer (above left) in Switzerland red. Andy Murray (above right) in blue and red of Great Britain.

Please leave your comments: What do you think of the badminton scandal? The NBC spoilers? The success of many Americans? The rivalry between Federer and Murray? I'd love to hear them :)


  1. Hi Annie! I absolutely love this post! Your writing is so good and all the subjects are spot on! I have definitely heard about the badminton scandal, and I'm very sad that it happened. They shouldn't have done what they did, but right now I kind of feel bad for them...

    Oh, and quick tip: to put a video on your post, just click the movie image (it's right beneath the button "save") and you can upload a video from youtube or from your files!

    -Grace :)

    1. Hi Grace! Thank you so much for commenting, and thanks for the tip on the videos! I will definitely use it :)


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