Monday, 20 August 2012

Designing A Cute Blog is Not For the Faint of Heart

To be honest I didn't think I would ever figure out how to make my blog look cute and interesting. Maybe it doesn't to some people but to be honest I like the way my blog is looking these days.  When I first started my blog I looked around at other people's blogs I found and was in awe of their perfection and beauty (ha-ha). I didn't think I would ever be able to make mine look as cute as theirs did! I had a Wordpress blog before I made this one and I didn't know you could make your blog look pretty and cute, so I just stuck with the boring old template they gave me and dealt with it. Then when I looked at the Blogspot blogs, I said, "I need to make one! They're so cute!" SO, I made my blog and spent long hours on the computer trying to figure out how to do this, how to switch this color, font, etc. etc. At first I had no idea what a "gadget" was, so it helped to know what that was. And I found some really good blogging websites that showed you how to make your blog pretty. If you're interested I would recommend The Cutest Blog On The Block and Makin' Cute Blogs because those two were the most helpful to me!

But still, I'm definitely not the expert blogger (far from it, in fact) so if you want some real experts don't listen to me. I'm just telling you guys about my experience slowly trying to put together a blog.  Some people say making a blog is easy. Yes, making a blog is easy. But making a CUTE blog is not not not not easy. My sister told me countless times that I needed to get off the computer and I sat there about to have a fistfight with the screen because I couldn't figure out how to do something. I admit it, I did ask for help from other bloggers and they were nice enough to give me it.  Although, I was probably annoying them out of their minds!

Let me give all of you new bloggers some advice: Go to other blogs for inspiration. (But don't copy them completely.) And if you want to know a basic way to adjust your fonts, colors, etc., go to Design in the top left corner of your blog (you must be signed in to do this), click on "Customise" underneath the mini blog example, and then click on Advanced and there you go! It took me longer than it should have for me to figure that one out, so finally my blog looked pretty (yay!).

A quick note on the websites above: They offer freebies such as backgrounds, banners, templates the list goes on. I'd recommend the Cutest Blog on the Block's backgrounds. They're super adorable.  Makin' Cute Blogs gives you some good advice and step by step tips on how to do things, which was also very helpful. And guys, don't get too intimidated by HTML--I was at first then I discovered that there was no need to! :)

So whether you're a new blogger and looking for some words of wisdom as to how to make a cute/fun blog, or if you're an old blogger in need of a new and interesting twist to your bare-bones blog, check out these websites. They rock! Good luck! :D


  1. Ugh. I know exactly how you feel. I actually switched from blogspot to wordpress, when I had a super cute blog, because I was in constant fear that I'd lose my whole blog without warning, like some blogspot blogs have been doing. Now, I'm banging my head against my computer because I can't change much more than the background and the header. Anyway, your blog really is cute. I'm jeaaalouuuss! But for some reason words are coming over you header. Intended?

    XOXO Kim the Snuggle Bee

    1. So glad you like my blog!! :) yeah the header was intended. does it look bad? :/

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