Friday, 5 October 2012

I'm (Finally) 13!

This is a bit of a late post since my birthday was Tuesday and it's now Friday (4 day weekend! woo-hoo!), but I'm now officially 13 and officially can call myself a teenager.  It is very surreal, might I add? Probably the majority of you readers are teenagers/have been teenagers so it's probably not a big deal to you, but... I'm sure you remember when you became a teenager within 24 hours of your life, and how surreal it felt.

It is both a moment of happiness and a moment of sadness.  I'll never be 12 again. I want to be like Tinker Bell, like Peter Pan, never growing up, staying a little girl forever.  I look back on all of these years and remember my faery-house days, my ever-present hair ribbon days, and the days when I was a foot shorter than my mom.  I'm now just about as tall as she is, maybe like half an inch shorter.

Blowing out birthday candles is something that also changes over the years.  When my mom brought out the glowing birthday cake with the glittering 14 candles (one extra for good luck), I sighed in happiness but when I blew them out, my wishes differ from the ones I made even just a year ago.  I wish for selfish things.  I think I'm too old to believe in magic things like birthday candle wishes, but it still counts, I think.  I can't tell what I wished for, I'm still that way; but let me just tell you that it wasn't for world peace or for hungry children to be fed.

Well, anyway... Just a quick little note from your (teenage) writer, ^^ to say hi to all of you and to celebrate my 4 day weekend and gift certificate to Barnes & Noble! Ahhh so excited to go!

I love you guys,

love, love, love
Annie :)


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And welcome to the teenager's club, Annie! I hope you had a fantastic day, and girl, book shopping is just the best, so I hope you have extra, extra fun at Barnes and Nobles!

    -Grace :)

    1. thank you so much! I did have an awesome day. I scored a goal at the field hockey game and my friends and i went out for dinner. I'm so excited to go book shopping! Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! No kidding, I feel so sad/happy I won't be 12 anymore!! Yay we are the same age now! XD

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! And to make it even better, I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! You can read the post here:


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