Friday, 19 October 2012

The Story of My Crazy Busy, Super-Hectic Life.

I have been MIA for two weeks. I apologize to my community. (Got that one from The Giver. Is it possible I study too much?)

HI, guys! I feel like I've been away for, like, forever. So I'm not that much different from what I was almost 2 weeks ago, but I feel different. Like my life has taken a different shape. Well, no, not really, haha, but I do feel like a slightly different person. I've noticed 2 things in the past couple weeks.

- Thirteen is an awkward age.
- It's annoying when girls go off and have secret conversations that they push you out of and u feel incredibly awkward just standing alone because everyone is having secret conversations with each other.
- It is very awkward talking to boys. Unless it's not. But it usually is.
- I hate some people I loved 2 days ago, and I love some people I hated 2 days ago.
- Social life is stressful.

Well, I could use the word awkward several more times but I don't think I will primarily for your benefit.  Since it's Friday (thank the Heavens), I get to save all my homework for Sunday evening and just chillax all weekend because that's the way I live and function.  Last week was the interim and my grades are all well and good except for math where there's that one ominous 84. (C+). Ugh. Whatever, though. I scored a few goals in field hockey this weekend which I'm happy about, also there's this boy who pretends he hates me but everyone knows he likes me, Oh! And there's this girl who I used to like but now i hate. Fun life, right?

I am exhausted. More than exhausted, I am suffering from major sleep deprivation.  There's the drama queen in me, but I am so tired I could just collapse in a heap on my bed and never wake up. Or, at least, wait until Christmas break to wake up, when my sister would come home and there would be no school, no mile runs, no friend drama, no boy drama, no nothing except me and presents and cake and Christmas trees. Ahhh. A beautiful thought.

Even though it might sound as if I loathe my life, I love it. Life sucks sometimes and life rocks sometimes. It depends on the day. Today was half and half.  The school part was ok, the social part sucked, the practice part rocked! Miss Brooks was in a verrry good mood and we decided to just play games in the gym with the boys soccer team since it was wet and rainy outside and everyone was in a sucky mood. Luckily, our sucky moods were quickly turned to happy moods when we found out we could show off our sexy athletic skills to the hot soccer boys. Just kidding. No, we were just happy that we didn't have to run the 5-lap test. :p

Anyway... I love all of you guys, and even if I sound like a sleep-deprived, half drunk maniac, I promise I am still my normal self and will post a civilized post soon enough. Bffn. :)


  1. hahaha well, that's the awkwardness of 7th grade. Don't worry! You'll adjust sometime soon and before you know, you'll be laughing your problems away! :) Have a nice time with your homework! ;)

  2. Oh goodness is it possible that I feel exactly the same way? I'm piled up with work (mostly music stuff, though), and tired of the whole social system. But... I always look forward to the weekend to catch up on some reading (and writing some book reviews) and also do some homework, although always at the last minute, like you ;)

    Sometimes, life can be tough, but hey, it's all about lookin' at the positive side of things :) (Something that I'm desperately trying to do, lol)

    -Grace :)

  3. lol, thanks for commenting guys! yeah i'm working at looking at the bright side of things haha :)


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