Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Info: The Elite, Taylor Swift, and Me.

Hi!   Today I'm taking a day off from school voluntarily to catch up on a lot of things, such as sleep, homework, studying, reading, and my blog. This is going to be a triple post: as in, 3 completely different things crammed into one big post.  Hope this doesn't scramble your mind too much.  :p

Today I'm going to be talking about three things that I feel are important. One, the release of Taylor Swift's new album, Red, and a quick album review. (Something I'll start doing when I buy more albums, haha.)  Two, Kiera Cass's second book in The Selection series, The Elite. I decided to pick this day to take a look at this book because "elite" is one of my English vocabulary words, and because it's possible that the second cover just might be as pretty or prettier than the first cover. I'll give you the inside scoop on it, as well as what I'm planning to regarding reading this book.  And three--me, myself, I.  Me as a blogger. Me as a fashion blogger. Me as a reader. And me as myself.  :)

First things first: Thank you for all of you patient followers. I know my posts have been unpredictable and scattered the past month and a half, and I thank you for bearing with me during these crazy weeks of my life. :p

Now, I don't know if you're a Taylor Swift fan, but as you've definitely figured out by this point, I am.  A die-hard T-Swift fanatic who refuses to become skeptical of her new decisions even when she supposedly crashes a wedding. Oh, Taylor. Those are the moments when you shake your head and laugh.  But, back to my point. HER NEW ALBUM. Released yesterday.  I got picked up from school early for a dentist appointment (which is impossible when you have top and bottom braces, a herbst, and other various torture devices glued into your mouth), and I saw the Walgreens sign flashing to all those who drove by: "Taylor Swift 'Red' $11.99!" My eyes widened. I waited until my mom had picked me up from the dentist to sweetly try to convince her that this was a once-in-a-two-year experience. That REAL Taylor Swift fans bought her albums the day they came out.

After much persuading, she finally handed 3 crumpled bills to me and told me to run into Walgreens.  I did, and after I almost got lost and finally found the display of albums, I walked out hugging the carefully wrapped album to my chest, sighing with pleasure.  A great thing to indulge in on a depressing Monday night. (Especially when your gums are bleeding because the lady literally went at you like you were some sort of scientific experiment.)

Instead of talking on and on like I always seem to do, I'll get straight to the point, my dear friends.  This album is amazing. All of the songs.  I have several new favorite songs: "Treacherous", "I Knew You Were Trouble", "All Too Well", "22", and who could forget "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"? But that's not a new favorite song.  Also, this isn't about the songs at all, but the photography is gorgeous. Although, I did notice quite a contrast between different songs. You'd see her in a silky dress with dreamy curls floating around her face as she sings a depressing ballad, and then you'd turn the page and she'd have on those sunglasses and tight black skirt.

Anyway, I'm obsessed. I'm listening to "I Knew You Were Trouble" right now, in fact, as I type.  Two-thumbs up to Taylor Swift with her new album, I am extremely impressed.

One subject down, two to go!

Next. The Elite by Kiera Cass.

This just about settles it: I'll be dragging my parents to the bookstore the day this book comes out, just for the cover, once again. Yes, I did like the first book quite a lot and would buy this book anyway, even if it had a grotesque cover. But I would have been able to wait a few days before I got it.  This clinches it: I am not waiting.  The moment this book is available for public eye, I will be holding it. It is gorgeous. More than gorgeous, it looks very good.

If you scoll through Goodreads, a lot of people say that they won't read this. I understand. I actually respect them for overlooking the cover. But here is one thing logical about my desperation to have this book: I did like the first book. Quite a lot. So, naturally, I'll read the second. If it had had a normal cover I might be just "Yay, cool" about it, but I'm sort of like "YYYYAAAAYYY COOOOL!" about this one, because that's just me.

This was kind of a short section, but I don't have much to say about this except that it is pretty, and who wants to read about prettiness for a gazillion minutes of their day? I don't.


Next! Me.
Bad picture, but whatever...
Anyway, so the last few days I have been posting a lot. That was partly because I felt bad for not posting for 2 weeks, and also because I am a bored person with a boring life. Well, not really. Actually my life is anything but, haha.

I'm still feeling sad about summer being over (I know, I know, it's late October, and I'm still getting over summer...sad), ESPECIALLY because that means no more reading for long periods of time. When I can read, it's brief and I can only read a few pages at a time, which makes me so sad.  I miss my daily book review posts! :( I also miss reading all my other fellow bloggers' daily book review posts.

Again, I promise I am still alive if I don't post every week. I will try to post as often as possible and try not to make my posts TOO repetitive (after all my life is pretty repetitive: wake up, go to school, go to practice, come home, eat dinner, do homework, shower, go to bed, then the cycle starts again).

Anyway, thank you for  reading this long and probably boring post! Bffn!

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