Tuesday, 11 December 2012

All-Fan Girl Book Series! first installment

Hey Guys! So what I have for you today is a new series I am working on- It's called All-Fan Girl Book Series and I'm really excited about it! it is partly inspired  by the many conversations I have over GoodReads with my online friends about books, boys, and life!

Ever once in a while I am going to feature a new installment of the series, the installments are sort of like chapters but each one is a full story in itself.

Summary of this series: A fivesome of thirteen year old girls who are all avid book lovers and boy-crazies. A series of them fan girling over the diffrent books they have read.

So today, you are going to get to know the girls I created an who they are. 

Brenna:  off in her own world. never pays attention to what's actually going on. Has a  filthy mind and often makes awkward dirty jokes.

Meggie: The crazy one. Cannot stop talking about books and boys.

Norah:  More reserved, thoghtful. Can write like the wind.

Anna: Sensitive, cute, cannot live without her iPod.

Joanie: Sweet but sour at times.  Teasing and pranks are her thing.

So now that you know a little more about the characters I say it is storytime! Let Me begin your first installment of... dun dun a... the ALL-FANGIRL BOOK SERIES!

Curtain goes up. Meggie and Brenna sit on the floor of Meggie's room. They have desolate, sad expressions on their face.  Tears run down Meggie's face. 

Brenna: Don't you wish that he was real? *sniffles*

Meggie (wipes tears from cheek): Yes. Yes  I do. *closes Clockwork Prince sadly*

Brenna: He's just so beautiful. The light hair, beautifull. he can't have his heart broken by that awful Tessa... Oh I can't take it. If he were real my life would be so different.

Meggie (snaps head up): BRENNA! Surely you are not talking about JAMES CARTSTAIRS??

Brenna (confused): What? of course I am.

Meggie (at this, starts crying even more): Oh crap..oh crap. I'm not talking about Jem...I'm talking about WILL! because Will isn't real. Well neither is Jem. But that doesn't fit my point.

Brenna (shakes head vigorously): No. No! You don't mean that. Team Jem for the win!

Meggie (sits up straight): Team. Will. For. The. Win.

*opening scene blacks out as girls stare at each other in disgust* Curtain.

Scene opens. Meggie, Brenna, Norah, Anna, and Joanie sit in a circle, barefoot, on the grass in a park.  Each one of them is reading a different book. 

Norah (closes The Hunger Games and stares at sky longingly): Cato. My love.

Joanie (snaps head up, shuts The Fault in Our Stars): What are you talking about???

Anna (disgustedly): CATO??!

Norah (defensively): What? He's pretty sexy.

Meggie (eyes pop out of head): Please just tell me that the word "sexy" didn't just come out of your mouth, dear.

Norah (blushes): Well, it's true. (secretly she's like: I regret nothing!)

Meggie (gapes): Oh. My. God! Brenna! DID YOU HEAR THAT?

Brenna (lost in The Maze Runner): Mmmm.

Meggie: Is that a Yes or a No?

Brenna: mmm, what babe?

Meggie (exasperated): I give up!!!!

Anna (puts headphones on): Anyone in the mood for some... sexiness?

Brenna (mumbling): Thats what she said.

Anna (rolls eyes): Honey, I'm talking about Justin Bieber. *clicks buttons on iPod. volume is turned up so loud that all girls can hear 'As long as you love me' blasting*

Joanie (humming): As long as you love, love, love love, love me, love me.

Meggie: Anyone noticed the new guy?

*this gets Brenna's attention. Her head snaps up*

Brenna: What new guy?

Meggie (smiles triumphantly): The one in my Math class. He's so HOT.

Brenna: Whats. His Name.

Meggie (mumbles): Will.

Joanie (sighs): Of course his name is Will. Tell me, Meg, have you ever had a crush on any guy who's name is not Will?

Meggie (in small voice): I mean... Will Herondale...? I can't help it! But hey! That's not the only thing about him that's hot. He's GERMAN.

Anna: Whaaaattttt? *snaps out of J-Biebs trance*

Meggie: Uh-huh. Uh-huh *bounces on toes* He totally has an accent, too!


Joanie: Oooh, now THAT is something worth talking about.

Meggie: I know right!

Brenna (impressed): Ah. Well.

Meggie (concerned): But, my loves. He is MINE. Meaning he is off limits. No hopeless flirting, Anna. No offering to do his science homework for him, Norah. No touching his hair or complimenting his accent, Joanie. And Brenna, absolutely NO kissing his cheek!

Anna (secretly, behind Meggie's back):

Brenna's reaction
Brenna (blushes): Hey, that was a one shot deal. And I was eleven!

Anna (rolls eyes): Oh, like you're sooooo much older now.

Brenna (confused and missing Anna's sarcasm): Umm... yeahh?

Meggie (closes book and hops up): Meh, this is boring. And I'm done with this piece of crap anyway. *throws Shatter Me into the air*

Joanie (horrified): What? Did you just call my baby a piece of crap? *shocked, cradles book in arms, talks soothingly to it* Honey, honey. It'll be alright. She's just a mean old hobo, a good-for nothing grndma.

Meggie (utterly offended): Uh..shit Joan, did you just call me a 'mean old hobo?' and a 'good for nothing grandma'??

Joanie (looks at her in the eye): Why yes in fact I did.

Meggie (clenches fist): It's ON!

Norah (during this entire exchange):

To Be Continued...


  1. This reminds me of The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants(which is a good thing!) :)


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