Saturday, 8 December 2012

SS #5: Insights Involving Facebook and Social Networking

Introducing the Saturday Scoop:
The Saturday Scoop is a weekly post hosted here on Leopard Kitty Girl Books. Each week, I pick a new topic to write about and just rant and rave about that particular topic. Enjoy. :)

This Week's Topic: Facebook

Unless you've been away on some magical quest involving fairies and fallen angels and whatnot (sorry, I'm in that kind of mood today), you know about Facebook. Um, who doesn't know about Facebook? Not calling people who don't freaks or anything, but you must've been living under a rock. Or never exposed to the Internet. Which would make no sense, since you're reading this online right now (I hope...?). Okay, I'll get to the point here :p. Facebook is not only popular, people are using it in obscene ways, posting obscene pictures with obscene captions, and not thinking before they post anything. 

I've noticed, through my own experiences and others', that it's a lot easier to open up online than it is in real life. Say someone who I'd never met in real life talked to me online. They'd get a completely different impression of me. While outside of the Internet, I would tend to be quiet or non-talkative, inside of the Internet, I would be more talkative like I am here on my blog, because let's face it: When it's me and a keyboard, my fingers fly 100 words per minute and I can't stop writing, writing, writing, writing. It's getting stuff from my brain to a keyboard that's the most important to me. Usually, it works better when I'm typing or writing, not talking out loud. I have some auditory issues, so maybe that's part of the reason why.

But what I just talked about for a whole paragraph and a half, is not really about Facebook. I'm gettting to Facebook now. I don't have a Facebook, nor will I until I go to high school, I'm guessing. But I've watched my brothers and sister and mom use it, and I know it can be (almost) as addicting as Goodreads, which is basically like my Facebook, minus the "face" part. Lol. Anyway, people just love Facebook so much they might end up posting some ridiculous things there without thinking. I know what they're NOT thinking: "If I saw this on a friend's wall, would I be skeptical of this?" No. The people who post the weird stuff (Not only just inappropriate or sexual pictures, but just random, weird "why the hell would you post that" pictures) aren't thinking that. They're thinking, but they're thinking something completely out of that realm. You get me? So while they are physically thinking, they're just not thinking STRAIGHT. 

So if this long and probably boring rant made any sense to you, I hope I give you something to take away from this blog and share with your family or friends, because i'm sooo insightful (just kidding, just kidding). Have a nice Saturday! 


  1. I agree. Although I encounter those pictures that have a image of someone suffering and the caption says: "like" if you care. I hate it when that happens -.-


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