Saturday, 15 December 2012

SS #6: Sisterhood ♥

Introducing the Saturday Scoop:
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This Week's Topic: Sisterhood ♥

So for the past few months, my older sister, who's 10 years older than I am, has been teaching English in Jordan in the Middle East. I hadn't seen her since August, until today, when she came back from her excursion. She'll go back again in a few weeks, but seeing her again made me think about how valuable sisters are.

As we related the past few months to each other, talking about teaching, the Middle East (her), middle school dances, books (me), I realized how important it was to connect with someone like that, in a sister kind of way. If you have a sister you might know what I mean. Sometimes sisters fight or get on each other's nerves, but that's just part of being a sister. (Believe me, my sister and I do NOT have a perfect relationship. We have had countless fights over the silliest things.) 

I think sisterhood, or at least sibling-hood (Not sure that's a word...), is an integral part of each person's life. If you're an only child, then surely you've known someone who you've looked up to, who you've thought of as a kind of sister or a kind of brother. I'm definitely glad that my parents chose to have so many kids, because my siblings are such a vital part of my life. I would be a completely different person without my sister, without my brothers for that matter. 

It's not only sisterhood I'm talking about. Brotherhood is equally as important. I'm not as close as my second brother as I am with my first, but I definitely felt joy and happiness for him when he got into college yesterday, early decision. I've watched my older siblings through so many things. And now that all of them have gone through high school, gotten accepted into college, and two of them are out of college and in the real world now, It's my turn to do what they have done for me, for a 'little sister' that I don't have. I'll never be in their place, unfortunately. But they have done so much for me.

Have a nice weekend! :)


  1. Heeey...Does she happen to teach in Jordan in California, perhaps? Never mind, that sounds stalker-ish because it's such a coincidence that she teaches in the same area school my friends went to...

    Anyways, I do have an older sister and we don't really fight, actually, more like it gets resolved at least five seconds later. XD But, it is important because she's someone I can tell a lot of things that I can't tell other people and she understands me most.

    I'm glad you brought up this subject, it's important to have someone there as a role-model/someone to be there/someone to understand you/and someone you know will be stay there for a while and not leave you like friends do (because they are going to anyways! XD).

    1. Oh Lol no, she teaches in the country Jordan in the Middle East, haha.

      thanks for commenting! :D


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