Sunday, 9 December 2012

Writers Block. Pssh Screw That.!!

What to write, What to write, What to write. I'm sure you've all had that problem before. When you're just sitting there with a blank piece of paper, or at a blank screen, and you just can't think of anything to write. Some peaople call it "writer's block" but I don't.  I call it "being a scareddy cat".

So not to long ago I was talking with my mom and I was saying "I used to write all the time but now I can't think of anything good". And I was complaning on and on to myself and not realizzing what was really important: That I Just write and not worry about what it sounds like, or what people would think. I have only recentley come to this conclusion because I was recently thinking that I had a severe case of "writers block" which needed attention immediately.  If you look in my file on my laptop, there are loads of unfinished stories which I have started. When I was little i never used to care what people would think about my writing I used to just write. And a few years later i find myself getting insecure that people won't like my writing or it willl sound stupid or anything like that.

My advice mighte seem really strange and unhelpful at first but I find if you just write you're heart out, like you've never written before, you wil end up with something that looks good and sounds good. Your writing might sound weird to you but that is what makes it unique from other peoples' writing. And when you think your writing sounds weird its you just reacting to YOURSELF, and your definition of yourself is so much different than other people's definition of you. If you write something good, then people will like it! Even if what you write sucks at first glance, you can make it better. Because you don't suck. A lot of people don't like writing because they don't know HOW to. 

So what you need to becomme a better writer is a good teacher, confidence, several books, some chocolate,life experience, and dedication. If you have those ingredients then you are guaranteed success, in any shape or size or form. Now let me break down those ingredients for you.

  • A good teacher- meaning, a strong, experienced writer who knows what he or she is doing, or a helpful English teacher who will give you feedback on youre writing. 
  • confidence- I have basicaley already broken this one down: If your confident in yourself and in your writing talent, then success is inevitable. 
  • Several books- this is probabley the most importent. What this means, is that you need to be an avid reader. you need to pay attention to what makes your favorite authors your favorite authors. What makes a good writer? Inspect your books and see what each writer does to pull you into the story. Then try to imitate them. Sometimes imitations end up being blatent copies of the writer (which is okay! that has happend to me on numerous occasions) 
  • some chocolate- Well from personal experience I know that chocolate makes everything better. Whether it is a warm cup of hot cocoa or a refridgerated Hersheys bar. Chocolatte's just an example, it could reallybe anything you like, or something unhealthy for you (shhh! don't tell you parents!)
  • Life experience- The best characters come from writers making replicas of the people they know in life. this person is spoiled, this one evasive, this one carefree, this one misleading.  IF you know people from you're life, try to make characters like them (But don't go too far!) If you look at one of the most celebrated authors in Literature, Im using Jane Austen as an example, you will meet her characters on the street. On several occasions I have met a Caroline Bingley or a Mr. Darcy. 
  • Dedication- You can't give up when you're writing! Obviousley, but this is really important even though it is obvious. Some really obvious things are the most important things. 
Well I hope my advice helped some of you and I hope you will not give up when you are faced with this supposed monster called "writers block" that doesn't really exist! Thank you for reading this!

P.S.: I am sorry for any typos in this article I am typing on something I don't usually type with.


  1. I actually never had had a writer's block. More like I have to be in "the mood" to write things out if not, the things I write out just comes out terrible. XD But I will definitely keep in good minds your wonderful tips! I'm glad you wrote this out! ^^

    1. thanks for commenting delaney! it is odd that some people get writers block and others never experience it. and yeah, I totally know what you mean by "the mood". Happens to me too!!


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