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♥♥Top Ten Tuesday #2

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♥This Week's Topic: Top Ten Favorite New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2012♥

1. Sarah Dessen (Lock and Key, Just Listen...) ♥
Sarah Dessen is amazing. Just Listen is one of the most profound things I've ever read, despite being extremely chic-lit.  I love Sarah because...where do I start? She's incredibly honest with her readers.  The dialogue is realistic and the characters are relatable.  She's one of my favorite authors now.  To see my review for Just Listen, click HERE.

2. Jodi Lynn Anderson (Tiger Lily) ♥
Tiger Lily was, I think, maybe the best book I read in 2012. I am envious of the way Jodi Lynn Anderson writes--It's like creamy chocolate icing and terribly romantic.  I loved the story of Peter Pan when I was little, but Tiger Lily's story is absolutely amazing. I love this book, and Jodi is now one of my writing role models. To see my review for Tiger Lily, click HERE

3. Cassandra Clare (Clockwork Angel, City of Bones...) ♥
Wow. Cassandra Clare is amazing. The way she is able to pull her readers into the story is an amazing ability she has.  She has hundreds of fans all over the world craving Clockwork Princess (including me!). I don't know how she's able to write up such fantastic stuff, but all I know is that she's one talented lady and has lots of fans on her side. Two thumbs up to Cassi. Cassi, you're amaaazing!

4. Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush Hush, Crescendo...) ♥
When you read Becca's writing, you know how much she empathizes with her readers. She can tell when they might be bored and speeds the story up.  She can tell when they're scared and makes everything scarier just to thrill her readers.  I've never felt so many different emotions when reading a book--terrified, petrified, happy, in love... All of these different emotions that Becca made me experience. She's awesome! To read my review on Hush, Hush, click HERE. To read my review on Crescendo, click HERE.

5. Kiera Cass (The Selection) ♥
Reading Kiera's gorgeous writing is like sitting in a hot bubble bath with the smell of lavender swirling around you.  It's luxurious and relaxing, even though it's not challenging and it doesn't make the wheels in your mind turn.  I think it's good to have an author like that every once in a while, an author that you read when you're propped up against fluffy pillows and just inhaling her beautiful writing.  I have 2 reviews of The Selection, but I'll give you the most recent review. To view it, click HERE.

6. John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska) ♥
John Green has blown me away with his ability to hit his readers so hard.  Each time I read a book of his, he has made me think about life in a different way. I've never experienced that before from reading a book, and it was amazing, let me tell you.  Each time I reread a book of his, I'm filled with yet another new possibility of life.  He writes about death, but he makes his readers think about life.  It's the most amazing ability I've seen in a writer.  To view my review for The Fault in Our Stars, click HERE. To see my review on Looking For Alaska, click HERE.

7. Gayle Forman (If I Stay, Where She Went) ♥
Gayle Forman manages to do the same thing as John Green only a little different. She writes about death in her If I Stay series, but she makes her reader think purely about LIFE. And her ability to write about true love without making it seem cheesy or fake is also amazing. You can tell from her books that she's not making up the idea of true love, it's actually there. To read my review on If I Stay, click HERE. To read my review on Where She Went, click HERE.

8. Marissa Meyer (Cinder) ♥
Even though Cinder was Marissa's debut novel, she wrote with such confidence which was what made her writing style so appealing to many readers. The way she told the story was fearless and though it had a few blemishes, she managed to cover them up with her marvellous storytelling gift. I loved the way that she could pull the reader in from the first page. Even though the first couple of pages bewildered me, I wanted to read more. To read my review on Cinder, click HERE.

9. Veronica Roth (Divergent, Insurgent) ♥
This series was one of my favorite series of 2012! What positively amazes me about Veronica is the fact that she started writing this book in college! She's able to connect her book with the things that teenagers like in books while being totally unique at the same time.  Since Divergent was published, the whole fighting and violence thing has become a sort of trend, but in my opinion, none of them measure up to Divergent. It was amazing, and all I could say after reading it was "Wow", so unfortunatelly I don't have a review for this one. :)

10. Lauren Oliver (Delirium, Before I Fall, Pandemonium) ♥
Lauren writes with such ease and the way she writes is smooth and easy to follow.  I never felt myself getting confused or lost when I was reading her books. I think Before I Fall is my favorite of hers (actually, I don't think, I KNOW), because it's a fluffy kind of writing style but at the same time manages to teach you a sort of life lesson, which was what I really liked about it. Lauren is amazing, and I hope you all will read a book by her!

Well, that was pretty easy! I could have added 20 more authors to that list, but it's Top Ten Tuesday so I'm only posting ten :p

*Take note that my Top Ten Tuesday posts are not in any particular order. Also note that I might do most of my TTT posts on Monday nights. :)

Have a nice week sweeties! :) ♥♥


  1. I agree with all of these authors. They're all amazing! Cinder was one of my favorite books this year :) I've also been posting on Mondays lately. It's just a lot easier and that way your fans can see your post all day :P

    1. Cinder was amazing. :) And yeah, I find it easier to post my memes the night before too :)

      thanks for commenting Erin :D



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