Saturday, 3 November 2012

SS #1: Writer's Block and Inspiration

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Hello everyone! :)

 So if you recall I published a post a while ago, back in Late September (the days have passed unbelievably quickly!!) about something called "The Saturday Scoop".  I Have to unfortunately say that I have not followed up with my Promise that I included in that post and I'm SO sorry!! In case you forgot what The Saturday Scoop was, and want to know more about it, please click here

I Said that my first SS topic would be fangirling, but I have decided to file that subject away for later and focus on a different subject that Has been bugging me a lot lately: which is Writer's Block and Inspiration.  Definition of Writer's Block: "an inability to write".

An Inability to write... Curious, curious.  Now, let me say something that is particularly wrong with this statement: everyone can write.  For some people, it comes more naturally to them, and others struggle with writing. But everyone can DO it.  If they're passionate about writing, then they can write whatever the heck they want.  They just have to... write.

I Myself have descovered that writing comes at the strangest times.  When you want to write, you never can. You sit at the computer, looking at the screen blankly, not one single idea coming to mind, and the ones that do come to your mind seem bland, uninteresting, and cliche.  For Me, writing comes when it's a rainy day and there's a strange color in the sky, or when you're on an airplane looking down at the tiny world below you, or when you're reading a book and you suddenly realize that the two ends meet, or when you're on a rollercoaster feeling as if you might get sick.

So Now that we've established that Writer's Block is nonexistent, let me move into something that is quite related to writer's block: Inspiration.  If you have what is supposedly writer's Block, then you need inspiration ASAP.  How do you get inspiration? You Read.  You Watch.  You Listen.  There might be that girl you admire because she's not afraid to be out there, or there might be that author who manages to make words sound perfect and invincible and beautiful, or there might be that Math teacher who explains everything in a clear, calm voice and makes you feel relaxed when you were feeling panicked just moments ago.  Like writing can come to you at the strangest times, Inspiration can come to you at the strangest times.  It's an odd world, isn't it? But that's what makes writing beautiful. Inspiration.

I'm inspired every day.  I look at my mom, and my sister, and my brothers, and my dad, and even my dogs!  I look at my favorite authors and think, "I could be just like them someday".  And you CAN.  If you just sit down and write your heart out, or do whatever your heart out, you COULD be just like them someday.


love, love, love,
Annie :)


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    1. I will definitely check your blog out!! And it is always great to see another young girl blogger :)


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